City Storm Drains:

When it rains debris and trash enter the storm drain system & curb inlets creating nuisance and discharges into the local waterways. Our city storm drains and curb inlets contribute a significant amount of trash into our ocean. The city needs to implement a trash prevention program to significantly reduce trash entering the ocean.

Boat Marinas & Ship Yards:

Florida has more than 1 million recreational boats. Marinas are the frontline of ocean trash coming in or going out into the ocean.
Certain marinas are prone to accumulate a vast amount of trash due to their relative position relative to tides and currents.
There is no ordinance that deals with the responsibility to remove that trash.


FOCUS Ocean Vac


We have been designing and developing a prototype trash removal system to install it in Dinner Key Marina as part of a pilot program with City of Miami.
Our goal is to make a trash skimmer affordable and effective to remove a significant amount of trash that other designs fall short to do.
Estimated cost: $8,000-$10,000