We believe that promoting ecotourism experiences in cities is one of the best ways to create awareness and activism. It helps people bring the issue closer to home, it makes them feel connected and empowered to demand local change for this global challenge.

  • Sailing Tours in Miami 

The sailing tours are one of the main educational activities and are delivered through our partner organization Sail Ahead Inc. (dba Salty Miami eco-tours) 

Ocean lovers lead the sailing boat charters, interpreting wildlife sightings, helping guests learn about the different species that call Biscayne Bay home, as well as bay history and sailing know-how.

The @SaltyMiami  sailing adventure has been described as authentic, engaging, and educational by hundreds of people who sometimes call it “the highlight of my trip to Miami”. We are humble that we’ve helped create transformative and memorable experiences, providing our guests with the unique opportunity to travel Miami’s bay 100% powered by wind.

We frequently spot wildlife, including marine mammals like dolphins and manatees, that’s why we are starting to collect data (location, pictures, videos, etc.) to share with universities, researchers and the general public to promote education and involvement.

These sailing adventures are key to funding our work. 

Come to experience Miami from a different perspective and see the local wildlife.

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