About Us

What is FOCUS?

The Florida Ocean Cleanup Society (FOCUS) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization run by a small, dedicated team of Floridians and supported by passionate and generous volunteers—people just like you.

Our mission is to inspire a new generation to help care for Florida’s coasts, beaches, and waterfronts. We believe that the preservation of our planet is the most important issue of our time, and that there’s nothing more powerful or positive than helping to care for Earth’s oceans.

To achieve our mission, we must implement trash prevention programs such as (storm drain nets, curb inlet screens, hydrodynamic separators) & removal solutions (ocean trash skimmers, passive trash skimmers) to reduce the amount of trash entering our ocean. Furthermore, FOCUS staff and volunteers coordinate educational programs and team-building corporate cleanups. We also work on community outreach and help other groups organize their own environmental projects. 

Focus is growing fast. Our network of wonderful volunteers is expanding, and our efforts to clean up ocean, beaches and bays are picking up speed. We’d love to have your help, either in-person at our next cleanup or online, through donations or purchases in our store.