About Us

The Florida Ocean Cleanup Society (FOCUS) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, run by a dedicated team of passionate volunteers. FOCUS was born when a science teacher, a digital marketer, and a tech entrepreneur who are passionate about the ocean, joined forces to tackle pollution.

With a common passion for sailing, diving, fishing, and all water activities, we believe that helping to preserve the ocean and the natural world is key for human survival.


Our mission is to inspire new generations to create communities where people and nature can thrive together. 

There isn’t anything more powerful than connecting people and nature to instill a desire to protect the balance of our delicate natural environment. We care deeply for Miami's coastlines and biodiversity and believe that we can still save the natural wonders our local community has to offer. 

Today, we are achieving our mission by:

  1. Promoting ecotourism as a drive for conservation, protection and sustainable community development in the Miami area.
  2. Organizing educational programs with the community highlighting local wildlife and ocean pollution.
  3. Performing coastal cleanups & events to raise awareness and get more people to become engaged citizens.

Goals & Objectives

Our goal is to promote ecotourism in the city of Miami, to create experiences that benefit visitors, residents and our local ecosystem. This means protecting the wildlife, conserving the environment and improving the well-being of locals.

In 2022, FOCUS plans to invest funds in researching and lobbying for data driven local policy changes. It has been working, the whole Miami cleanup community is responsible for reducing the flow of construction debris into the Biscayne Bay, although there is still work to do to completely stop sediment runoff from construction sites.

In addition, the community was able to stopped the US Army corps of engineers plans to build a 4.6 billion dollar fortress-like flood walls and gates, their own report described the negative impacts to the local ecosystem.

Our long term goal is to have a healthy Biscayne Bay full of wildlife. Currently, there are only 150 wild dolphins in the Bay, and we are looking for ways to help increase those numbers by creating protection zones and enforcing boating safety regulations. 

We'd love to have your help, either in-person at our next cleanup or online, through donations and collaboration.

 If you want to collaborate with us, reach us at info@focusnow.org