Trash Skimmers

The Trash Skimmer Program

Miami’s coastal waterways have been badly damaged by pollution. Worst of all is the huge amount of single use plastics—bags, cups, fuel, oil slicks and other everyday waste—that gets dumped into our oceans and estuaries. Certain marinas are prone to accumulate a vast amount of trash due to their position relative to tides and currents. Marinas that serve our state’s one million recreational boats, where incredible amounts of plastic make their way into the water every day. Once there, it prevents the natural flow of water and kills animals in large numbers.

If we hope to get this problem under control, we have to start now.

Trash skimmer cleaning trash

Trash Skimmer Collecting

The good news is that we have powerful solutions available. One of these is the passive trash skimmer.

Trash skimmers are bulky but ingenious devices that filter trash, plastics and microplastics, oil, and fuel out of coastal waters, while simultaneously providing aeration to help plants and animals thrive.

Although skimmers can’t clean the oceans alone, they do make a tremendous difference. That’s why FOCUS has committed to bringing skimmers to as many marinas and waterfront locations as we can.

Join us now, and be part of the solution. Donate, Shop, or Volunteer.